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                                           NATURAL HISTORY INTERPRETIVE TOURS

Be certain to carry your camera as we beach launch from a nearby traditional fish weir here at Partridge Island then motor on to observe a peregrine falcon's nest high atop Cape Sharp's cliffs at West Bay. Sailing further, we ride the monster tide at the Black Rock tidal turbine power generating site before crossing the Minas Channel to get up close with rugged Cape Split and its impressive bird rookery. Seals sometimes frequent the very dynamic waters found here.

On our return voyage, we will feel very small as Cape Blomidon's huge, igneous cliffs soar above.  

Duration:  app. 2 hours           Cost per person:2 - $100  3 - $80  4 - $70  5 - $ 60  6 - $50        


Get your motor running with a short 20 minute boat ride to the remote rocky shores of Cape Blomidon, once home of Mi'kmaq legendary, man-god Gluskap, who found the area so beautiful and enchanting that he scattered its untouched shores with mighty fistfuls of glittering crystals and glowing gems. He also lays claim to creating our world's highest tides among many other amazing feats. Now is your opportunity to reclaim some of his treasured semi-precious stones like amethyst, agate and jasper. Among other found varieties are gypsum, calcite and a special mineral group called zeolites. Blowmedown, the Cape's original name, hosts some of the world's largest, most sought after samples of zeolites.

Duration: 5 hours       Cost: $300. for the boat, equally shared by number of guests.  1-6 passengers

Custom trips may be arranged and costs adjusted. Collecting equipment provided.

                                                              SALTWATER  ANGLING

Load the boat with your family and friends as we search The Bay for all things fishy. Choose between angling with traditional handlines in shallow water for mainly flounder (sole) or venture a little further offshore and troll the rods for striped bass. Some days we do a bit of both. You never know what else you might pull up. Either way, we always have a blast! Bait, gear and tales included.

Duration:  app. 5 hours      Cost: Flounder $250.   Striped Bass $300.

Prices are all inclusive for the boat and equally shared by the number of fishers.

Guests keep half the catch which is prepared, bagged and delivered when possible/desired.


                                                 PARRSBORO BOAT ADVENTURES

Climb aboard our Transport Canada approved 20'/6m Zodiac vessel, Explorer 1, for an awesome adventure as we ply the world-renowned Bay of Fundy while sailing the world's highest tides reaching more than 50'/ 16 meters! Stare in awe of the unique, diverse geology with towering basalt cliffs rising over 650'/200m as we keep watch for various marine life, a multitude of sea birds and raptors such as hawks, vultures, falcons and eagles. Tour the site of pioneering tidal turbines while being inspired by the majestic Cape Split views. Bring your picnic basket along for a shore lunch in the sun if that's your pleasure or relax as you angle for your next seafood dinner delight.

Whether you sign on for one of our sightseeing, rockhounding, fishing, natural history interpretive tours or book a custom charter, we know you will have had an exciting, educational adventure few ever get to experience! 

                                                               GENERAL INFORMATION

- as we beach launch, you will be required to wade up to your knees to embark/disembark. Wear    appropriate clothing. Towels on board for drying off.

- considering that you may get wet when playing around water, we suggest you have spare clothing in your vehicle, particularly so during cooler weather times. Our red floater suits will keep you very cozy while aboard.

- things to bring: sunscreen, food, water, soft-soled shoes, camera, proper clothing, backpack if req'd. 

 If you are brave enough to throw yourself into our cold North Atlantic waters, diving off the boat for a quick swim is a possibility.

- you will be required to fill out a waiver before departure.

- PBA reserves the right to refuse any charter.

- payment is cash only paid in the correct amount on the beach.