#32   Copper inlay w/ Abalone 

            Dark Indigo crystals                                  Gypsum base


#43                ABALONE BEAR

   Bay of Fundy gypsum w/ abalone shell                 7'x7"/18x18cm               ​$275

          Explore my latest designs and creations mounted on bases collected  along The Bay of Fundy. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 BEAR TOOTH SCULPTURES                   (app. 4"x 4"x4"/10cm w/ base) 


​       #29        Unadorned Eagle

                         Gypsum (ss var.)


#35               JOE SOLO         

    deer antler on light amethyst

  3"/8cm h x 4"/10cm w               $125

#28         Unadorned Penguin

           Satin Spar variety Gypsum



#36     ICEBERG BABE         

    moose antler on gypsum

4"/10cm h x 3"/7.5cm w    $110       

  #31                    Penguin

                  Red Wine patina Copper

        Emerald crystals, Gypsum base


#38                SIX PACK           deer/moose antler on gypsum        4"/10cm h x 10"/25cm w               $350

#39      ARCTIC NOMAD   

           moose antler on quartz

     2"/5cm h x 4.5"/12cm w       $150

             STONE  SCULPTURES

#34         ROCK HOPPERS       

              deer antler on quartz

    3.5"/9cm h x 5"/13cm w          $185

#44                         BOXING BRUINS

       Fundy gypsum on West Bay sandstone                             9"x12"/23x30cm                                  $275

#40      SCREAMIN' EAGLE                         Moose Antler     28h x 33w cm

Main tine plus 3 carved sub-tines   $700   With main tine only carved               $500   

This is a small antler, larger equals more cost.


#33       Red Brass wing/eye

  Fern Green crystals, Gypsum base


#37              UNTITLED          

      deer antler on gypsum

 5"/13cm h x 7"/18cm w    $275           

#42         WHALE RIDER           $750         10"/25cm h x 13"/33cm w        Brazil amethyst ring

Bear - Newfoundland moose antler   Whale - European deer antler     Base - whale vertebra          

    #41             KILLER WHALE                                           Nova Scotia deer antler w/ Brazil amethyst ring

                               $500                                                                       9"/23cm h x 11"/33cm w




ARTIST                                                   randycorcoran1417@gmail.com



#30                    Eagle                                 Copper inlay w/ Abalone   

                        Gypsum base