NECKLACES      (28"  71cm)

#19        Red copper  leaf cord ends, hanger, cap

              Azul patina copper wing, magnetic clasp

                   3mm Turquoise/Natural braid cord

      Blue Impression Jasper bead, Indian Pink crystals


#24    Gold plated claw/bead

           Red wine patina Copper

Aquamarine/Lite Siam crystal&bead

                 Rose gold crystal heart


#26  Red/Enchantment patina Coppers

            Lapis Lazuli cabachon/beads

                       14K/20 Rose Gold Filled

fish hook w/ bead&coil                              18mm

flat fish hook w/ bead                                 17  "

flat fish hook w/ bead&coil                       19  "

                              Gold Filled

flat w/ bead&coil                                          17 "

fish hook w/ bead&coil                               19 "

flat w/ coil                                                      15 "

                                 Gold Plated

French flat hook w/ coil                              17  "

fish hook w/ bead&coil                               20 "

clip-on                                                             19  "

#1    EARRINGS                     #2            BROOCH        1.5 x 7 cm                      #3     NECKLACE    61cm         #4       SET of 4

                  $245                                                    $125                                                                   $135                                            $475

                    Antique/Sterling Silvers metals, Sky Blue Topaz earrings/Turquoise crystals, Lite Topaz/Silver beads

                                                 Necklace - 1.5mm Cornflower Blue leather, 8mm magnetic ball clasp


#21         Enchantment patina Copper inlay                           Red Copper cap, clasp, ribbon heart caps, hanger   Magnetic clasp, 1.5mm  metallic Truly Teal cord        Fern Green/Smoky Topaz/Carnelian crystals/beads

  Nile Perch fish leather                                      $170 

  #16               Grizzly Bear   

      Red Copper magnetic clasp/cord ends

Antique Copper claw, Copper wing/eye inlay

      3mm Natural Blue leather bolo cord

Blue Sapphire/Tangerine crystals & beads


#8       EMPEROR PENGUINS                                w/o feathers  1.7 x 8cm                             #9   Matching Necklace   

Red/Gold-plated Brass, flat wires                          More feathers available                         1.5mm gold metallic leather cord

       MeridianBlue/Siam beads                            and attachable  to any                              Ribbon heart end caps                                                                                                             pieceupon request                                 magnetic gold clasp     $130

                    $230                                                                                                            Set of 3                        $325


        Peridot   Amethyst  Citrine   Swiss Blue Topaz   Garnet

                                    21 mm    14K/20 Gold

#27                   BROOCH

                 Moose Antler button

                Copper/Abalone inlay

                     Black Bear molar



The earring photo on the far left is wired so that the eagle beak faces forward toward your face. Most all others show a rear facing beak as displayed in the near left photo.

Below photos show left and right facing brooches when worn.

**Please choose your preference when ordering if relevant.

                                    Sterling Silver

French hook w/ bead&coil                            19mm

fish hook w/ 3mm bead                                 15  "

flat hook w/ 2mm bead                                  17  "


silver fish hook w/ bead&coil                       19  "

silver w/ gold bead&coil                               19  "

antique brass w/ bead&coil                           19 " 

 #13 WOLF MITTENS (uncarved) 

            Red/Antique Coppers

  Turquoise/White/Copper beads

                        Flat wires


                                 PLEASE VISIT GALLERY 2 FOR MORE GEMS!

       #14             LYNX         1 x 7.5cm

          Red Copper caps/Copper wires                 Blue Iris/Green/Copper beads

                        Jet crystal hearts


                                           EAR WIRES    

#18        Gunmetal magnetic clasp & claw

              Antique  Silver cord  ends & hanger

3mm Red/Black braid cord, Red Wine patina copper

             Red Siam/Hematite crystals & beads  



#22           Sterling Silver/Silver plated metals

                   Rhinestone studded magnetic clasp

                 Amethyst/Tangerine crystals & beads

              1.5mm Violet cord, Ribbon heart end caps                                                $175

                                                WEARABLE ART JEWELRY

Fine carvings accompanied by beautiful attachments and inlays that sparkle like the stars.

Stunning Swarovsky crystals and international gemstones glow alongside shining metals and findings that are lead and cadmium free. Mix and match with my help to create your own personal design as most materials are interchangeable. Unless stated otherwise, most display pieces are carvings from  Nova Scotia black bear teeth averaging 2 1/2-3 1/4" L x 3/4" W (7-9 x 2cm). With attachments, they weigh between 3-10 grams each depending on species. Grizzly bear teeth are generally larger/heavier.

*Magnetic clasps should not be worn if you have a pacemaker; please inquire about my other options.

*Please view my list of ear wire choices lower on this page.                                                     

#15             WOLF HAWKS                      

         Red Copper caps/Copper wires

Amethyst/Topaz/Copper crystals & beads



fish hook w/ coil                           17mm

fish hook w/ bead&coil                22  "

designer hook w/ bead&coil       23  "

                              Red Copper

flat hook w/ bead                           15  "

fish hook w/bead&coil                 17  "              

                     ABOVE:  Here's a few other designs you may wish to opt for.

Cubic Zirconia  Sky Blue Topaz Citrine  Peridot

                       21 mm     Sterling Silver

#20 Antique Gold pewter eagle, Red Brass inlays

          10mm Gold magnetic clasp, leaf cord ends                            2mmmetallic Moroccan cord, Turquoise Nile Perch fish leather

               Turquoise Jasper beads, Fire Opal crystals


#12                            BROOCH

              Gold plated cap, Red Brass wing

                     Amethyst cabachon/bead

                     Fern Green crystal/bead


         (left to right/top to bottom)

                                     NECKLACES     (24" 61cm)                                                                                             Please request your preferred/any length          







#23       Rose Gold/Gold plated Brass metals                        Rhinestone magnetic clasp, 2mm Metallic Berry cord

       Indicolite teardrop/Fuschia heart/Blue Topaz           crystals and beads, Magenta grouper fish leather eye


  #11      BROOCH         $125

                                                                    Set of 3                        $340



#10             PENGUINS                   Red&Verde patina Coppers

      Smoky Topaz/Fern Green

             crystals & beads                     $230       

#25         Antique Brass claw

           Verde patina Copper                             Ocean agate/Pink ceramic beads                                 Amethyst crystal

#17 Antique Silver pewter eagle/end caps with

           Sun motif designer magnetic clasp

         3mm metallic Chandni/Berry braid cord

         Amethyst/Dark Moss crystals & beads

                 Magenta Grouper fish leather


#5   Rose Gold caps w/ flat wires                  #6  Antique Gold caps, Red Brass eye      #7  Rose Gold caps w/ Copper wires

              Indicolite teardrop beads                           Abalone, Ocean Agate beads                         & inlay, Abalone shell                 

   Fuschia heart w/ Blue Topaz crystals                  Silver/Gold fishhook wires                        Carnelian/Jasper gemstones      

     Magenta grouper fish leather eye                                             $235                                                         $250    1.7 x 9 cm