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Welcome to the world renowned shores of The Bay of Fundy where one never lacks for inspiration. As an artist, I consider myself fortunate to be able to carve out a living here so I can subsidize the many wonderful adventures found hereabouts this magical land. Along the way I am ever-searching for found natural materials to weave into my art. Having a serious connection with nature, it has become the focus of my work and play. Environmental concerns, boating, fishing, paragliding, rockhounding, cross country skiing, guiding and teaching aid in fulfilling my overactive zest for life. Echoing my all-time favorite band Chicago, 'See you at the end of the show'!

                                                PLEASE ENJOY!!                              RANDYSCARVINGS.COM carvings

PAYMENT: Money order or certified bank draft cheque at this time.

                            Make payable to: Randy Corcoran   RR1  Parrsboro, N.S.     B0M 1S0

SHIPPING:  Shipments will be made via Canada Post unless otherwise requested. Prices do not                                      include shipping costs which will be quoted prior to. There are no taxes at this time.

                            Please be patient as carving, permits and mailing take time.

CUSTOM ORDERS:  Feel free to create your own personal piece by selecting from my various materials, designs and colors or make a special request. Save money when you provide your own animal teeth.

As with most things in life, handle with care. Most of my pieces are fragile, particularly the beaks.

Repairs, if possible, can be made for a nominal fee. Please contact me if you have any issues.

Care is minimal. Use soft cloths and plastic brushes (recycled toothbrush?) to clean and polish.

Rub metals with cotton Q-Tips to shine.

Checking, or cracking, occurs naturally in teeth even years after harvesting. Very little is known about this phenomenon. No checks will appear on the carved side of any piece when shipped. Jewelry is carved on one side only and a check may be present on the uncarved side. There is no refund or guarantee provided for products that check after shipment, however, a discount may be offered when a replacement is ordered.

The piece(s) you receive may show slight variations from those pictured as materials vary themselves in size, color and shape. As for the stone bases, each one is different and not identically reproduceable.

Prior to shipping an Export Permit is required from the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources if you live outside the province. This free, non-transferable permit, subject to law and potential prosecution, will be provided once I receive your payment and contact information. Should you decide to take your piece outside of Canada, an international CITES Permit is required. Contact me if necessary.

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